Make Your Everyday Planning Tasks Easier

Want to get your projects started faster and spend more time planning? Download the Ultimate Technical Guide to UrbanFootprint and read how you can: 

  • Quickly create maps to build better proposals, presentations, and reports.

  • Run existing conditions analyses in minutes.

  • Compare and contrast future plan alternatives.

  • Understand plan impacts in real-time.

Learn how you can use UrbanFootprint's actionable data to create effective maps and explore exiting conditions in as little as a few minutes.

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Ultimate Tech Guide!

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Discover how UrbanFootprint helps you get your projects started faster.

"We chose UrbanFootprint as our planning platform because they share our dedication to building sustainable, healthy communities. Whether we’re working on a neighborhood plan or a citywide comprehensive plan, UrbanFootprint’s diversity of key data sets, advanced analytics, and comparative scenario planning capabilities saves us invaluable time and resources. The ability to quickly assess existing conditions and projected impacts across a wide range of metrics has been a game changer for our firm."

Streamline each step of the planning process.

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Extensive Data

 Create maps in a snap. Run existing conditions in minutes with hundreds of ready-to-use reference layers. 

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 Design Toolkit

Easily create new land use scenarios with access to our expanding library of fully customizable Building and Place Types.

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Scenario Planning

Compare and contrast alternative scenarios at every scale: region, city, corridor, or neighborhood. 

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Real-Time Analytics

Quickly understand plan impacts across a wide range of metrics, including emissions, walk and transit accessibility, and more.