Let's Build a Sustainable Future for California.

We're partnering with the State of California and venture firm Social Capital to bring UrbanFootprint to California city planning departments free of charge. We'll begin to onboard interested California jurisdictions in April 2018. Sign up today to reserve your place in line. Our team will be in touch to walk through program details and next steps.
"As California cities confront housing shortages, transportation challenges, and climate change, UrbanFootprint provides a platform for better, more transparent planning in shaping a more sustainable future for California cities. That’s why the Strategic Growth Council funded the initial development of UrbanFootprint, and why providing it to California cities is so important."

How does UrbanFootprint's California Civic program work?

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We'll begin to onboard California city planning departments that are interested in partnering with UrbanFootprint starting in April 2018. Sign up today to reserve your place in line and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss program details and next steps.
Streamline Your Data with UrbanFootprint
We'll work with your team to clean and curate your data, making it easy to work with the most up-to-date information.
Get Trained on UrbanFootprint
Receive a comprehensive training on UrbanFootprint. We’ll cover how to quickly create maps and exhibits, explore future land use alternatives, and measure environmental, social, and economic impacts in real-time.
Use the Platform to Support Planning Projects at Every Scale
Start using UrbanFootprint to create and analyze projects at every scale: region, city, corridor, or neighborhood.
"My co-founder Joe DiStefano and I are thrilled to offer UrbanFootprint to California cities to support the state’s leadership in sustainable community planning. Today marks an incredible milestone in our mission to support communities with the tools they need to build an environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically strong future."

How UrbanFootprint Helps Your Jurisdiction

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UrbanFootprint gives city planners the ability to:

  • Quickly analyze existing conditions at every scale: region, city, corridor, or neighborhood.

  • Save time and money by enabling more of your team to create detailed maps and explore future alternatives.

  • Analyze plan impacts in real-time across a vast range of metrics - including emissions, transit accessibility, water use, land conservation, and more.

UrbanFootprint streamlines your everyday tasks so you can focus on what matters - building a better future for your community.

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