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Focus on Planning

Spend more time teaching planning methodology and less on technical training. 

UrbanFootprint’s user-friendly design allows you to save time on class prep, focus classroom hours on critical planning methodologies, and create an interactive learning experience for your students. Visualize data, examine existing conditions, and measure future plan impacts in minutes. No GIS experience required.

Get a Competitive Edge

Teach your students cutting-edge planning methods and technologies. 

UrbanFootprint is used in leading undergraduate and graduate programs across the country. Give your students and your research program a competitive edge with the latest tools in planning technology. Help students gain hands-on experience in data-driven planning, scenario planning, and advanced analytics.

Measure Plan Impacts

Students can analyze current and future scenarios across a wide range of key metrics.

UrbanFootprint's built-in suite of analytics allows students and researchers to quickly evaluate potential plan impacts in terms of emissions, accessibility, transportation, risk and resilience, water use, energy use, household costs, conservation, and more. Teach the next generation of planners how to build sustainable, equitable, and resilient cities.

Using UrbanFootprint challenges students to think critically and creatively about the topics we cover in class. Rather than focus on mastering the technology itself, students are able to quickly visualize concepts and explore the impacts of land use changes. The ease of use really contributed to increased interest in urban planning and student engagement.

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