Bring Data-Driven Planning to Your Community with  UrbanFootprint Civic.

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Create Maps in a Snap

Analyze existing conditions at any scale - region, city, corridor or neighborhood

UrbanFootprint streamlines your everyday tasks so you can focus on what matters - building a better future for your community. With hundreds of cleaned and curated data sets at your fingertips, UrbanFootprint makes it easy to understand existing environmental, mobility, and social conditions. Planning analysis that used to take days and weeks is distilled to a matter of minutes. 

Measure Plan Impacts

Explore future land use alternatives across a wide range of key planning metrics. 

UrbanFootprint allows planners and community stakeholders to evaluate plan outcomes in terms of emissions, water use, energy use, household costs, walk and transit accessibility, land consumption, land conservation, and more. UrbanFootprint's advanced scenario planning capabilities illuminate a path forward in planning for healthy, sustainable, and socially equitable communities. 

Inform Your Community

Easy reporting fosters productive workshops and community consensus.

Support community education and transparent communication with easy-to-understand reporting. UrbanFootprint allows planners, designers, and public officials to demonstrate alternative land use scenarios and their impacts in real-time. UrbanFootprint lowers the cost of data analysis to help communities make more informed decisions and facilitates easy map creation for better presentations.   

“UrbanFootprint has played an important role in our city’s transportation planning. It has reduced the amount of time we spend on data prep, allowing us to focus on creating better outcomes for the community.”

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