What's in the ebook

Discover how to map existing conditions in minutes 

City data has grown by leaps and bounds, yet it’s more difficult than ever to distill this information into actionable insights to support smart, data-driven planning. Gathering the data needed to understand existing conditions, let alone understand future impacts, is typically an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive process.

With thousands of built-in datasets and the ability to map nationwide land use at the parcel scale, UrbanFootprint makes it easy to analyze existing conditions and create beautiful maps in a snap. 

Download our eBook today and we'll walk through how to create over 15 essential existing conditions exhibits, including how to map the following for any U.S. location:


Map current land use at the parcel scale


Map existing mobility networks


Understand existing zoning


Analyze current walk accessibility


View existing development patterns


Visualize existing transit accessibility