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Art of the Map: Learn How to Craft Beautiful Maps in Minutes

Wednesday, February 27th
Stephen Kennedy, Product Design Lead
Ben Busse, Director of Product

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2019/02/27 1:00 PM EST

Master Best-In-Class Cartography with UrbanFootprint

Enhance your plan, craft winning proposals, and deliver clear insights with best-in-class cartography. Join “Art of the Map: Learn How to Craft Beautiful Maps in Minutes” on Wednesday, February 27th at 1PM ET/10AM PT, and get the tips you need to advance your map-making skills.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll cover how to create an array of planning maps in minutes, including existing conditions maps, future scenario analyses, thematic choropleth exhibits, and more. We’ll take a deep-dive on design best practices, covering how to effectively communicate with color, create context with layers, and successfully use 3D visualization.

UF-base-canvas-options-screenshotDesign Stunning Maps in Minutes

Quickly map land use insights for any U.S. location. Craft detailed exhibits with hundreds of curated datasets including building footprints, administrative boundaries, road networks, hazard zones, and transit lines and stops.

Analytics-Map-ScreenshotDeliver Clear Insights to Project Stakeholders

Support transparent communication with effective map design. Create compelling visuals, add 3D insights, customize your colors, and choose from a variety of preset base map styles.

VMT in-app screenshotEmpower Your Team with Powerful Design

Explore data with easy-to-use joining, buffering, and filtering capabilities. Search operations can be used to select and summarize, buffer around selections, and create new layers for mapping and analysis.

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