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Plan Smarter: How to Streamline the Path to Sustainable Plans and Policies

Wednesday, February 6
Joe DiStefano, Co-Founder, UrbanFootprint
Andy Fetterer, VP of Marketing, UrbanFootprint
Matt Raimi, Principal, Raimi + Associates

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2019/02/06 1:00 PM EST
take bold action. upgrade the way you plan.

Planners are fighting today's toughest challenges with yesterday's technology.

Data expands by the day, but we don't have adequate tools to make sense of it. We face climate and hazard risks, a rapidly changing mobility landscape, and complex equity and public health challenges.

Complex problems require bold action. UrbanFootprint is designed to meet your needs as a planning professional. Join our live webinar on Wednesday, February 6th at 1PM ET/10AM PT and learn how to elevate your planning practice with best-in-class data, mapping, scenario tools, and analytics.  


Lower Existing Conditions Friction

Dramatically streamline existing conditions mapping. Remove cost-prohibitive barriers to in-depth, thoughtful analysis.

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Build Future Plan Scenarios

Efficiently integrate scenario planning into more projects, simplify alternative development, and better understand future plan impacts.

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Enhance Impact Analyses

Deepen your analysis capabilities with a full suite of transportation, hazard risk, emissions, conservation, fiscal, and accessibility models.

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